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Demo Reel


Designed and implemented a standalone procedural geometry manipulation tool using C++, OpenGL and wxWidgets, that includes: import/export OBJ, texture management and selection tools.

Ray Tracer

Built, ground up, in C++ using object-oriented programming with class abstraction. Factory and Singleton design patterns implemented. Diffuse & specular shading, reflections, soft shadows, anti-aliasing & depth of field support through the command line.


  • Shaders

    -Surface Shaders
    -Light Shaders

  • Clouds

    Wrote custom RSL shaders with Slim templates to create realistic clouds using Maya, Renderman and Renderman Artist Tools


  • -API

    Created a 2D Lunar Lander game playable inside Maya using the Maya API, C++ and MEL with a USB joystick

  • -MEL

    Script is desgined to combine the following tools into one interface.

    • nonLinear bend deformer
    • pivot adjustment
    • duplicate with transform
    • merge verts

Game Programming

Rubik's Cube

This was my project for an introductory 3D animation class. The goal of the project was to develop a familiar base for how animation is accomplished in a 3D environment. The course is not directed towards scripting or programming, however I decided to take the opportunity to get my hands dirty and introduce myself to the concept.