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Senior Project: C++, OpenGL, wxWidgets (in progress)

Instructor: Laurie Brown Torelli

Fall 2006 - Winter 2007

Project Summary

Stand alone application that provides the user with an interface to procedurally manipulate and add geometry to an existing 3d mesh object. Based on Tom Hudson's Greeble plug-in for 3D Studio Max. example

How Greeble works

For each face in the polygonal mesh...

  • Split the face
  • Extrude each new face
  • Scale the extrusion to a size specified by the user
  • Randomly place new geometry, at a rate determined by the user, aligned to the new faces that have been extruded
  • GNAT: The vision

  • Import/Export using multiple file formats
  • Provide the user with intuitive controls to procedurally add geometry detail to the imported mesh
  • Allow material and texture application to geometry
  • Export the mesh to a universally accepted file format to be used in current 3D appliations